Ceci is joining Liquid Amber as our guest from Oct 13 - 16, 2017

Ceci has been tattooing for over 7 years, at Buena Suerte Tattoo, where she apprenticed under Adrian Lazo and Eddie Gomez. She learned to surround herself with art at a very young age. Ceci is passionate and committed to her craft, family oriented, and loves cartoons!

Ceci grew up in a small border town in the southmost region of Texas, known as the Rio Grande Valley. The valley is known for it’s rich hispanic culture, birding, butterfly, and wildlife sanctuaries, from where she draws much of her inspiration. As a tattoo artist and painter, Ceci enjoys focusing on bold, color tattoos.

Her work incorporates illustrative images, high in contrast and intricate detail, influenced by abstract and neo-traditional/traditional work (hints of realism are cool too!).

Ceci also loves punk rock, rick and morty, bugs, dog cuddling, vegan treats, & historical marker hoppin’…

If you would like a tattoo by Ceci we ask that you email us at info@liquidambertattoo.com and PLEASE INCLUDE:
- A detailed description of the tattoo
- Location on your body and approximate size
- Colour or Black and Grey?
- Any images that assist in describing the style or concept of what you would like to get
- If you want her to work around another tattoo or would like a cover up, please include a clear picture of your existing tattoo.

Ceci will look at your email and we will contact you within 2 weeks with the next step.  Should you NOT hear back from us within 2 weeks, please try again as communications do get lost from time to time.

Ceci charges $180/hr plus gst.

See more of Ceci's work on instagram @ cecimeseed