Great service from start to finish with Hooka

"Great service from start to finish. I was tattooed by Hooka. She drew up exactly what I had in mind and covered up my cheesy old tattoo with an amazing floral piece. She was fun to chat with and did an awesome job. I'm hopeful to have her work on me again in the future. Super easy process from the beginning to end, they're very quick to respond and get things moving. The receptionist is super friendly and helpful as well!

Thanks all!"
- Karen S.

Ladies love Milo

"I was in today with my mom, aunt and friend. We had an amazing experience. Milo was very patient with each of us and helped us with all of the detailed decisions we had to make. As well he is very gifted and did an absolutely beautiful job on all of our tattoos. The facility is very clean and tidy, I appreciated the atmosphere. We could not have asked for a better experience. Thank you!" - Alysa H.

"So beautiful I cried"

"Crystal is amazing! The tattoo I got was so beautiful that I cried when I saw it. It was a cover up that I've wanted done for over 10 years. I was so nervous the day I got it done. So scared of the pain! I could barely talk. And during the tattoo I couldn't stop squirming. Poor Crystal. Haha. But she's so lovely and funny and made me feel really relaxed and was super gentle :) Thank you. I'm in love with my tattoo xxx" - Niamh M.

Light handed Ashley and a welcoming atmosphere

"I got a tattoo done by Ashley and the experience was amazing! I brought in reference photos during our consult and she sent me a sketch about a week before the tattoo of exactly what i was going for :D She is very light handed and gentle, which is a bonus for getting sensitive areas tattoo'd (inner arm, shoulder, etc)
The staff was super friendly and easy to talk to. Very welcoming atmosphere. Would highly recommend!" - Jen CK

Like AC/DC music, really good...

"BC was a great experience, lakes, mountains, freedom, animals, and one of the best experience  was Liquid Amber Tattoo shop. The Tattoo Crystal gave me is beautiful and makes me feel like AC/DC music does: " really good".

The Killer whale symbolizes family and travel, good things that are really important in my life because in my family we were all immigrants. Now I see it every day, and reminds me all those good things. 

Thanks again to you all, the atmosphere in your shop is great, don' change.
Crystal we will remember you forever." - 'The Italian Guy', Stefano

Helpful, professional, and experienced.

"My experience with this place was perfect and I would definitely recommend it to anyone looking to get an incredible tattoo. Everyone in the shop was helpful, professional, and experienced. Being someone who has multiple tattoos already, I was also impressed with how the staff handled newcomers looking to get their first tattoo; two came in while I was getting worked on and both times they were met with understanding and left with great information. Specifically, I had my work done by Shannon and I am very happy with both the unique artwork that she came up with and her exceptional level of skill when applying it. Overall, I couldn't have been happier with my experience and I will certainly be going back." - Tommy W.

Conversation is key

"Got my first tattoo here and it looks awesome. They're really friendly and fun that you forget the feeling of getting tattooed because of the ongoing fun conversations. Milo was great to be with while getting tattooed! He kept checking on me if i was ok and i thought it was nice of him to do so. Crystal and the other( forgot her name) was cool too! LAT do have such great artists. I would definitely recommend this parlour for just completely everything: cleanliness, hospitality, art, style, skill, etc." - Liam C

Welcoming vibes with Crystal

"Liquid Amber is now one of my favourite things about Vancouver, and one of my favourite places to visit. I walked in the door and felt welcomed, really welcomed. I was invited to be a part of shop conversation and when I shared my thoughts I wasn't judged. This shop is a gem on the Vancouver landscape, but it's the people inside that make it shine. I'm having a hard time deciding whether I want to come back for more incredible work, or to be a part of the shop culture once again.

Somehow Crystal was able to take an idea and make it truly unique. Crystal's design, openness, conversation and commitment brought me to trust her completely with the process. The tattoo I left with was so much better than anything I had imagined on my own. I am very proud to show off her talent and I'll be traveling back to Vancouver to have her continue the work we started yesterday.

Thank you Liquid Amber!"

- Earl B.

Cool times with Milo and the gang

"I visited Liquid Amber about a month ago to get a tattoo while I was visiting Vancouver, and I loved every minute of it. It has a very laid-back atmosphere while also staying very professional. Everyone was very nice and welcoming. Milo is not just an awesome artist, but a pretty cool guy to hang out with while getting tattooed. I would recommend this shop to anyone wanting to get tattooed in Vancouver and I would definitely go back if I find myself in Vancouver again!" - Robin H.

Fun tattoo with Ashley

"I worked with Ashley on my first ever full arm piece and she nailed it so beautifully. She worked with every idea I brought to her and what she brought to the table was gorgeous. She was super sweet and fantastic to work with. She even made 3+ hours of tattooing fun!" - Lynn L

Tattoo by Shannon

"I had work done at Liquid Amber Tattoo and I honestly CANNOT wait to go back. I look at the tattoo everyday and still can't believe this beautiful art is on MY body - I love it! Shannon is an absolutely phenomenal artist and although the sitting was a hefty one, it was actually such a fun day/evening. They went out of their way to ensure they had space to slot me in (because I came from the UK) which was so lovely. I cannot wait for the next piece!"- Alex B.