Tattoo by Rachelle

"In the beginning, on the contact with Liquid Amber staff only by email, everyone was very kind and helped me with all my questions!

Then, I booked a day with Rachelle, and the draw wasn't ready. I gave the idea and left to Rachelle create it, freely.

When I arrived at the shop, there was such a good atmosphere, a really nice place, but on that time I wasn't sure anymore about doing the tattoo.

Then, I met Rachelle, such a lovely person, and she showed me her drawing, which was amazing and my doubts were gone in the moment I saw it!

She was very kind during the tattooing and concerned about my well-being all the time! And after all, the tattoo is amazing!

I totally recommend to everyone Liquid Amber and specially Rachelle, who is such a incredible artist and a really nice person!" - Henrique V.