Welcoming vibes with Crystal

"Liquid Amber is now one of my favourite things about Vancouver, and one of my favourite places to visit. I walked in the door and felt welcomed, really welcomed. I was invited to be a part of shop conversation and when I shared my thoughts I wasn't judged. This shop is a gem on the Vancouver landscape, but it's the people inside that make it shine. I'm having a hard time deciding whether I want to come back for more incredible work, or to be a part of the shop culture once again.

Somehow Crystal was able to take an idea and make it truly unique. Crystal's design, openness, conversation and commitment brought me to trust her completely with the process. The tattoo I left with was so much better than anything I had imagined on my own. I am very proud to show off her talent and I'll be traveling back to Vancouver to have her continue the work we started yesterday.

Thank you Liquid Amber!"

- Earl B.