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AJ joins Liquid Amber as our guest for just one day, on April 24, 2018.

AJ has been artistic and drawing since he was a little kid. In his late teens, AJ started getting tattooed and fell in love with the art and  culture of the tattoo world. After designing a few of his friends first tattoos, as well as many of his own, AJ put together a portfolio and got himself an apprenticeship nearly 10 years ago, leading to a career as a full time tattoo artist for the past 8 years.

Though AJ has tattooed in many styles over the last 8 years, he specializes in blackwork, fine line and dot-work illustration.

To request a tattoo by AJ, please submit your idea via our Tattoo Request Form below:

AJ will review your email and we will contact you within 2 weeks with the next step.  Should you NOT hear back from us within 2 weeks, please try again as communications do get lost from time to time.

AJ is $180/hr plus gst

Check out AJ's @richardsontattoos for recent work and guest spot dates!