Cosmetic Tattooing is a procedure where ink is deposited into the epidermis and dermis layer of skin in certain areas of the face to enhance your natural appearance. Specific methods and styles are available to deposit the pigment into your skin based on your desired outcome.

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About the artist: Amelia started as an esthetician in Edmonton, AB in 2012 and received her cosmetic tattoo certificate at Biotouch Canada in October of 2015.  Following her certification, she performed eyeliner, lip and eyebrow cosmetic tattoo services for clients at Icon Hair & Body in Edmonton, retaining a full clientele.  In August 2017 Amelia decided to relocate to Vancouver to make the switch from spa to tattoo shop where she could explore new techniques and surround herself with other creative individuals.  

Amelia uses a variety of techniques such as microblading and rotary machine for micro pigmentation based on the client’s desired outcome.  

See more of Amelia's work on instagram: @ameliavogan