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Kevin joins us as our guest for the second time from June 1 - 21, 2019!

Kevin Poveda graduated from the National University of Costa Rica (UNA) in Art and Visual Communication with a Graphic Design emphasis. While finishing his studies, Poveda started to teach himself the art and technique of tattooing. He is now a multidisciplinary  tattoo artist with experience in illustration, branding, social media, design and visual arts. 

Before being a full-time tattoo artist, he worked as a graphic designer for global advertising agencies such as Ogilvy & Mather and Geometry Global. After gaining more experience and knowledge he started his own brand “Kevin Poveda”, which has grown over the past five years into on of the most established and prestigious in Costa Rica.

Poveda has been invited to tattoo abroad as a guest in Berlin, Mexico and San Francisco. His work has been featured in articles under prestigious brands such as Benetton, New York’s Paste Magazine and Tattoodo. He has also been sponsored by Levi’s, Distefano Shop and Converse among other world-known brands. 

To request a tattoo by Kevin, please submit your idea via our Tattoo Request Form below:

Kevin will review your email and we will contact you within 2 weeks with the next step.  Should you NOT hear back from us within 2 weeks, please try again as communications do get lost from time to time.

Kevin charges a flat rate by the piece.

Check out Kevin's Instagram @kevin_poveda for recent work.