Kylie Gibson started her tattoo career at Liquid Amber in 2008 and worked with us until she moved to Victoria on Vancouver Island in 2015. We're thrilled to have Kylie back as our guest artist.

Kylie will join us from March 14-16, 2018.


"I grew up in the small town of New Westminster. It’s a very small town consisting of many old people, but it’s lovely. I grew up drawing and painting in my room for hours, partly because I loved it, but mostly to escape the constant barrage of televised sports which my family all seemed to love. I preferred nature programs about cats. In ancient times, cats were worshipped as gods- I fear they have not forgotten this.

One good thing that came from being the lone sportsthropic member of my household: I got very good at drawing, and painting, and gluing random objects together.

For kicks, I attended SFU from 2002-2006 and studied the fine art of reading books written by some old dudes who died ages ago, and then writing about the possible meanings of it (aka English). After obtaining said degree, I realized proper grammar skills are only helpful for annoying your friends and teaching snot nosed toddlers the correct forms of homonyms, I decided to shelf that degree and carry on with the doodling- which had always graced every square inch of school notes. So I charmed my way into a job at a tattoo shop which quickly turned into an apprenticeship that had me permanent marking individuals since 2009.

I like to call my style of tattooing Surrealistic Realism, but that’s honestly just a term I made up. My work is what it is. I take inspiration from nature, the world around me, and the possibility of what it could be. I welcome all tattoo ideas, especially the intrinsically nerdy ones."

Kylie is now fully booked for her guest spot with us.

Kylie charges $180/hr plus gst.

See more of Kylie's work on instagram @kyliegibsontattoos