Lauren is our current apprentice and has been dedicating her time to learning the craft of tattooing since September 2017. Lauren is not taking clients for machine tattoos yet, but she is doing small-medium hand-poked tattoos and will be taking machine tattoos in the fall of 2018!

Lauren Carr is an Emily Carr graduate whose vivid, lyrical style of art reflects her background in illustration. She finds artistic inspiration everywhere, but her first love as an artist has always been the beauty and mystery of sea life and other ocean themes. Lauren has long sought a position as a tattoo artist, and is incredibly grateful for the opportunity to tattoo in the inspiring and supportive atmosphere of Liquid Amber. A long-time freelancer in the Vancouver visual art community, Lauren has worked with many Vancouver musicians. She is an avid cycler, who is always convinced that the right number of bikes is one more than she currently has.

Some artists that Lauren considers to be important influences on her include James Jean, Gary Baseman, Shaun Tan, and Victo Ngai.

To get a hand-poked tattoo by Lauren, or to be put on her waitlist for when her books open for machine tattoos, please fill out the form below. Lauren will review your idea and we will respond within 2 weeks with the next step.

Lauren charges $80/hr +gst for hand-poked tattoos.

See more of Lauren's work on instagram @seaslang