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 Bekki joins us as our guest from Jan 2 - Feb 26, 2020!

I’ve been fascinated with tattooing since a very young age. I was brought up by a blue-haired, tattooed rocker mum who embraced and encouraged individuality. She filled my life with multiple medias of art. We spent days together exploring craft fairs, painting in the garden, sitting in art galleries with a sketch pad and doodling our own versions of the pieces there. She told me to interpret the world in my own way. As I got older, she would take me to rock shows and festivals where tattoos and music go hand in hand. I met the most interesting people who embraced living with an alternative look, and so to me… this is the norm.

I did my apprenticeship at a studio in my home city Manchester, UK, where I worked and developed my craft for almost 5 years. But recently, I’ve decided it’s time to grow, personally and artistically and I couldn’t think of a better place than Vancouver.

I love every inch of this industry and have travelled all over to gain more perspective and knowledge about tattooing. Working with my clients is the part I enjoy the most. I like to take the time to talk to each client, listen to their story and how they envision their tattoo. A good friendship between myself and my clients is very important to me. I understand the process can be daunting for most, some tattoos can be on intimate areas of the body, people may have insecurities or are simply worried about the possible pain. I want all my clients to know they’re in a safe space with me and I’m grateful for the trust they give me.

That’s a little slice of my life, I’m excited to speak to you all and hear your tattoo ideas and any stories you’d like to share with them!

To request a tattoo by Bekki, please send in your tattoo idea at the form below: