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Olivia was born and raised in the English countryside, and now she's off to travel the world with her trade/passion. She's been drawing on and off her whole life, she received an A+ in fine art after studying for two years in higher education. After that Olivia went straight into a traditional tattooing apprenticeship which finished early 2014.

Olivia loves doing portraits with neo traditional styling and dot work. Her artwork outside of tattooing is very portrait based, recently she has stepped further into using fine liners and painting, as well as some neo-trad horror style pieces which she'd love to tattoo more of. Olivia loves the challenges you'll always face in tattooing and the progress you make...it's never over when it comes to art! 

Outside of tattooing and art Olivia is a social and sporty person. She enjoys snowboarding, dancing, pole fitness/aerial amongst other activities.

Olivia's books are currently closed.

Check out more of Olivia's work on her instagram: @olivia.tattoo_

Olivia charges $180/hr plus gst.