We have Sharnia joining us as our guest from June 20 - 25, 2019!

Sharnia is an independent tattoo artist from the UK. She is supported by a UK based tattoo aftercare company Yayo Familia. She is known for her black and grey realism and blackwork tattoos, she is happiest when she is setting up her station ready for a day of tattooing.

All of sharnia’s designs are custom one off designs either flash or specifically for a client. She is mainly taking larger designs and day sessions. Sharnia’s favourite things to tattoo are animal portraits, famous portraits, mandalas, flowers and anything creepy! Sharnia loves to create a relaxed, comfortable atmosphere for her clients. 

Sharnia was born in South Africa and her family emigrated when she was just 18 months old. She grew up in Cambridgeshire in the UK and from the ages of 6 - 14 she was an international springboard diver. She was unfortunately diagnosed with lupus when she was 14 and had to stop diving, but that didn’t stop her becoming a successful tattoo artist! 

Art has always been the main interest and outlet in her life and she has always been driven to have a job that she loves, which at the age of 19 she decided tattooing was what she wanted to do.  She started her official apprenticeship in 2015 and has been addicted to tattooing ever since. 

Sharnia is planning to travel more and tattoo at guest spots and conventions. 

To request a tattoo by Sharnia, please submit your idea via our Tattoo Request Form below:

Sharnia will review your email and we will contact you within 2 weeks with the next step.  Should you NOT hear back from us within 2 weeks, please try again as communications do get lost from time to time.

Sharnia charges $180/hr plus gst

Check out Sharnia’s Instagram @sharnia.tattoos for recent work and to see where she ends up for other guest spots.