Our Story

Liquid Amber Tattoo & Art Collective was first conceptualized by Justina Kervel & Luvia Petersen during their travels to Paris in the year 2000.  A chance meeting with tattoo artist Phillipine of Kaplan Art Studio inspired them to contribute to the rise of females in the tattoo industry.

In the summer of 2001, Liquid Amber opened their doors in Vancouver's Kitsilano area. After a few years they moved to Burrard and Davie, and a few more years later they now reside at 62 Powell Street in Vancouver's Gastown area and are home to a group of diversely talented artists.

One of the main changes since Liquid Amber’s grassroots beginning is its growth. Starting with Justina as the only artist, the shop has now had many talented artists over the years call Liquid Amber home, expanding the ever-growing family tree. 

Liquid Amber is currently home to the following group of artists: Justina Kervel, owner & co-founder;  Ashley Horncastle joined the studio in October of 2013; Crystal Alexandria, established self-taught artist came to L.A.T in July 2014; Shannon O'Shea, the lovely 'Water Witch', who completed her apprenticeship under Carlos Vanst in 2010 and became part of the team December 2014; Milo Marcelo, the wonderfully talented artist who hails from Toronto started as a guest artist and then made the move to Vancouver in early 2015;  the eclectic styles of Miranda Boire joined us in summer 2016, with over a decade of tattoo experience, Hooka Hermosa found a home with Liquid Amber in March 2017, Diana Lin completed her apprenticeship under Justina in April 2017, and after a couple of guest spots over the years,  as of Aug 2017 Olivia Granger joins us from England as our most recent resident artist to complete this perfectly diverse roster. From time to time L.A.T.&A.C. welcomes talented guest artists from across the globe; allowing all of the artists to thrive in a eclectic evolving environment.

Along with organized management, friendly reception and a dynamic tattoo team, clients will feel confident in knowing their artistic vision will be translated to skin with precision and professionalism.

This (mostly) female operated studio is a safe, nurturing atmosphere for all walks of life.

Whether it is your first or 100th tattoo, you can be assured that the artists at Liquid Amber will make it their priority that you walk away with a piece of art you can be proud of for years to come.