How long does permanent makeup last?
• The treatment is permanent and will not wash off. However, it will fade over time and will need retouching to maintain
its appearance. Proper care will help maintain results. Expect for a touch up anywhere from 1- 5 years. How long your
pigment lasts will vary from each individual, however with the proper care you can extend the life of your cosmetic tattoo.

Can I change my look later if I want?
• Although it is permanent, the option is available to change or modify your cosmetic tattoo. Lighter pigments fade faster
than others, while the darkest pigments may last indefinitely.

What colors are available?
• There is a wide range of colors available. Your technician will work with you to select a color, taking into consideration
your skin tone, hair color and your desired result. Each tone can be altered slightly to take on a warm or cool shade
depending on the needs of the client. The color chosen will be based very closely on your natural brow color.

Will there be any discomfort or swelling?
• Comfort levels vary from person to person. To minimize any discomfort or swelling, a topical numbing anesthetic and
anti-inflammatory will be applied before and during the procedure. You may experience very minor swelling immediately
after and during the next day.

How long will I take to heal?
• Each person will vary in their healing time. Some people will appear healed after 5 days although this is only a
superficial heal. The deeper layers of the skin will require as long as 6 weeks to fully heal with longer periods for different
individuals. Skin may peel and flake in the area where you were tattooed, while some areas may stay slightly raised for
weeks after. Patience and care are the best way to heal your cosmetic tattoo.

Can I go back to work right away?
• Because results are immediate and the process of pigment implantation is minimally invasive, most clients can return to
work right away. You may experience minor swelling or redness for several days after. The full healing process is up to
several weeks however you will appear healed as soon as 5 days. Discuss your job and lifestyle with your tattooer
to ensure you are informed on specific aftercare for your lifestyle.

Is the procedure safe?
• Yes. All procedures are performed under strict sanitation and sterilization rules and are administered by a qualified technician. Your procedure will be done with prepackaged, sterilized, disposable parts and needles. All pigments are natural, hypoallergenic and approved by the FDA for cosmetic use. Any service has some risks that are possible and will be discussed in full with you to ensure you understand them.