What are Hand-Poked, Stick ’N Poke, or Machine-Free Tattoos?

Hand-poked tattoos are tattoos made without the use of tattoo machines. While they are created with the same supplies as machine tattoos, stick ’n poke artists push needle and ink into the skin manually, without the aid of a machine. In doing so, artists create multiple dots that make up the lines and shading of the tattoo. This process causes the hand-poked method of tattooing to be slower than the machine method.

Are Hand-Poked Tattoos Permanent?

Yes. Like machine tattoos, they will remain in the skin so long as they are properly taken care of. 

Do Hand-Poked Tattoos Hurt More Than Machine Tattoos?

Hand-poked tattoos are less abrasive on the skin than machine tattoos, and often hurt less in comparison. However, not everyone has this experience. Some places on the body hurt more than others and everyone experiences pain in different ways.

Why Hand-Poked Tattoos? 

There are many reasons someone might choose to get a hand-poked tattoo. Many prefer receiving a hand-poked tattoos as they feel that they hurts less than machine-tattoos, while others prefer the organic look of hand-poked tattoos. The distinct character of hand-poked tattoos and the unique experience of receiving them makes them the favoured method of getting tattoos for many people.

How Long Do Hand-Poked Tattoos Take To Heal?

Hand-poked tattoos often heal faster than machine tattoos because they tend to cause less trauma to skin. You can generally expect your hand-poked tattoo to be fully healed within 2-weeks time. That being said, everyone heals at a different rate, so don’t worry if your tattoo takes a bit longer. 


Are all designs suitable for hand-poked tattooing? 

As hand-poked tattoos take more time to complete than machine tattoos it would be best to select smaller and medium sized pieces, a good size would be anywhere from 2x2" to 5x5". Larger pieces can be completed by hand-poking but expect the process to be lengthy. Some designs may be too detailed to tattoo, along the same guidelines as machine tattoos, enough space between lines will be essential to allow the tattoo to properly heal.

Will Lauren be handpoking custom designs as well, or only doing flash?

 Though Lauren is eager to tattoo her flash pieces, she is always interested in working on custom designs for her clients. If you have an idea for a custom design please fill out the tattoo request form, Lauren would be happy to review your request and let you know what changes might need to be made to turn your idea into a design ready to be hand-poked.