Check out the blog we wrote on white ink tattoos here!

If one of our artists agrees to do a white ink tattoo it's generally when they are only done with simple lines. This is for the following reasons: over time your skins pigment overpowers that of the white ink pigment, the sun can easily cause the white pigment to do the above faster due to your skin's darkening pigment. In most cases, white ink tattoos tend to completely disappear or appear as a scar. 

Body lotions, chemical sunscreens and sunshine are all notorious for affecting white ink tattoos.  It’s very common for people to experience allergic reactions with white ink and some continue to have these reactions while in the sun years after the tattoo has been healed. 

On the contrary, white ink is best used diluted with other pigments or in small highlights on fair skin. 

"I have a lot of heavy black work and I’d like to tattoo white ink on top of it and embellish my black work, is this possible?"

It depends on the tattoo, how you heal, and how you take care of the tattoo as to how this could end up looking. Book a consult with one of our artists and we can see if there’s a way for us to accommodate your concept. Our artist Crystal has tattooed over her own black work and she has expert advice on what to expect.