A few tips that can help prepare yourself to get tattooed:

- Do not under any circumstances drink any alcohol before getting a tattoo, this includes the night before. Alcohol thins the blood and promotes excess bleeding, meaning that if you have any alcohol in your system you are going to bleed a lot more then if you had none. This will effect how your tattoo heals and may cause more scabbing and risk losing some ink in the healing process.

-Don't take any aspirin or pain-killers that contain aspirin or ibuprofen, these thin the blood and promote excess bleeding which means a longer healing period and may take longer for the process of your tattoo.

-Don't take illegal drugs before getting a tattoo, these could also promote the excessive bleeding, plus we will not tattoo you if you are under the influence of drugs or alcohol.

-If you are taking any prescription medication, check with your doctor first, you may need to skip your dosage for that day, depending on what you are taking. 

-Some people find that half a week before and after their menstrual cycle, as well as during,  that the pain of getting the tattoo is heightened. You may want to consider this time of the month before booking your tattoo appointment.  

- Eating kiwi and pineapple can help provide nutrients to eliminate swelling and bruising.

- Make sure to eat a good meal prior to getting tattooed and feel free to bring snacks or something to drink. 

What you will need to help your tattoo heal:

Aftercare products (that we recommend):

Simple Shield or Purtect: Vegan, organic, unscented lotion/ointment. Needed for the remainder of the healing process (after 2-3 days of settling). (Both available at Liquid Amber)

- Simple Cleanse: Vegan, organic, unscented soap. To wash your tattoo for the first 2-3 days, and if gets dirty/sweaty throughout the healing process . (Available at Liquid Amber)

Paper Towel: You will need a clean roll of paper towel to dry off your tattoo. Make sure you have a roll at home. (Not available at Liquid Amber)

REST: Don’t plan to go out right after your tattoo. You have an open wound. Treat it as such. Go home and rest!