If you think your tattoo is infected stop all aftercare and contact us immediately. We will ask you to take a photo of your tattoo and email it to us at info@liquidambertattoo.com

Include this information in the email: Your name, phone number, your artists name, date you received the tattoo, location of the tattoo, what aftercare products have you been using.

There is a chance you may be having an allergic reaction or your skin is just really irritated. Try taking an antihistamine, stop your aftercare for 24 hours, give the skin a rest, don't wear scratchy or dirty clothing against it, and if it doesn't look less red in 24 hours then go to a walk-in or your GP.

Important: If you can't get a hold of us don't wait. Consult your doctor. You may have an infection and be in need of antibiotics.    

When you leave Liquid Amber you will have a bandage on your tattoo. Please note, once bandage is removed after 2-3 hrs of leaving our shop, you MUST NOT re-bandage your tattoo for the duration of the healing process!

THE NO NO's: No direct sunlight on your tattoo, No swimming, No water activities of any sort, No itching, No picking, No sun bathing, no re-bandaging, no vigorous activity that can rub scabs off or make you sweat heavily, no rolling in sand, dirt or mud! Nothing that could hinder the healing of your new tattoo for a full 2 weeks!


  • Do not soak tattoo! Only allow water on tattoo for as long as it's needed to wash.

  • Do not use any other healing balms other than what we recommend. 

  • Avoid letting your tattoo be in the sun for at least 2 weeks. New tattoos can burn easily. Also, please note, some inks can cause a histamine reaction due to a foreign substance in your skin and you may experience slight irritation on your tattoo months after it's healed. Make sure you're wearing sunscreen while in the sun to protect your tattoo from fading!

  • Don’t let any one (including yourself) touch your tattoo with dirty hands.

  • Wear loose clothing to avoid rubbing and irritation of the tattoo. (This includes bras in some cases ladies!)

  • Small amounts of color may leak onto clothing or sheets for the first few days this is normal. It will stain! We recommend black cotton. 

  • Do not re-bandage!  Air needs to get to your tattoo to heal properly.  If you are working in a dusty environment please wear long sleeves or clothing that loosely covers you new tattoo.  

  • If you are doing any sports regularly, it's best to wait until they are over to get tattooed.  

  • We do not recommend going to bars, gyms or hospitals for the initial stages of healing as these places carry many strains of bacteria.

  • Elevation, nutrition and fluids are essential after a tattoo, so be good to your body. 

  • Be careful not to cross contaminate your lotions and creams! Clean fingers and never touch ends of the pump on containers.

  • When you are in shower avoid getting soap, hair shampoo, conditioner, hair dye or any other cleaning products on the tattoo other than the Simple Cleanse soap recommended.

  • DO NOT use any antibiotic ointments, aloe vera, preparation-h, bees wax, citric acid, tea tree oil, canuba or candilla wax, oleic acid, coconut oil, alcohol, lemon grass or old bottles of lotion hanging around your house.  All of these products can hinder in the healing of tattoos.