Diana was made in Taiwan, brought up in Coquitlam,  and is currently doodling away in Vancouver. During middle school and high school she was always that student who spent more time doodling and drawing diagrams than paying attention to the actual class materials. Every lecture became an art class, and there she honed in on her great skill of daydreaming. The only subject that competed with her instinct for drawing was Biology. The fascination with cells, bones, and organs detoured her on an adventure down a more academic path at UBC. Eventually after a few years, Diana wandered back into a world she was once so familiar with: doodling.

Diana's life as a tattoo apprentice began in late 2015 when she was taken in by Justina and the team at Liquid Amber;  finishing her apprenticeship in April 2017, Diana is now loving her new career as a full-time tattoo artist.

Diana enjoys tattooing realism with a touch of quirkiness, but she's generally excited when she gets to create something artistic with her imagination. 


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