When you think of tattoo artists, Milo isn't your typical slinger of ink; well actually Milo isn't your typical anything. Outwardly he doesn't look as though he may have any tattoos, but his long haired casual look belies some fancy feet and a heart for adventure. 

It's been a long time since he has known what a typical 9-5 was, but he wouldn't have it any other way; pouring countless hours into his craft and passion.

A native Torontonian, Milo apprenticed at Lucky 13 Tattoos in 2008 where he continued his artistic endeavours from college into the world of tattooing. Developing as a proficient artist; Milo has since went on to see some of the world, eagerly learning and growing from the wisdom of some very talented artists.

Travels eventually brought Milo to Vancouver, with a guest spot at Liquid Amber Tattoo in November of 2014, which soon helped him realize he wanted to move to this fine city and become a resident artist at L.A.T. Excited about what Vancouver has in store for him, the adventuring is hardly over, as the story is to be continued…

Milo's favourite tattoo styles include black and grey realism and giant fighting rainbow mechanical robot unicorns. 


Check out more of Milo's work on his instagram: @miloisdrawing