Justina Kervel was born in North Vancouver and when she was 8 years old she relocated to Great Yarmouth, England with her family.  During this time Justinas gift of imagination and drawing was becoming exceedingly apparent.

Justina returned to Canada in the late 80s and as time passed she further explored and cultivated her skills. Training under various celebrated European artists during her travels lead her to hone her craft tenaciously using any method that was available to her: drawing, painting, wood burning, clay, soapstone, etc.  To make a long and inspiring story short: Justina worked endlessly, and upon her return to Vancouver opened the doors to Liquid Amber Tattoo in 2001.

Since then Justina has been recognized at worldwide levels doing everything from numerous television/radio spots, write-ups and reviews in major art publications, to winning awards at international tattoo conventions.

 Justina dabbles in multiple styles, but her imagination tends to take her to the more Pop Surrealism variety.

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