Growing up, Nicki was surrounded by a plethora of art and nature. Having an artist for a mother and a father who was an adventurer, she and her sister were brought all over the globe, gaining exposure to Mexican jungles and European museums alike. This eclectic combination was where her curious spirit and love of art was fostered.

Nicki began formal training as an artist at the age of 17, when she entered the Fine Arts Program at North Island College, and then later moved on to SFU to further her studies. Shortly after leaving SFU she gained an apprenticeship with the world renown First Nations artist Alano Edzerza, with whom she learnt the formal aspects of West Coast art and design.

Through all of this training though she maintained a love for tattooing that trumped any other medium. She was given her first machine at 20 by a friend and retired tattoo artist, and over the years she practiced and picked up tips from mentor figures in the community. Finally in the summer of 2014 she immersed herself in the study of tattooing, from how art flows on the body to an in depth discovery of all the health and safety issues of the industry.

On her list of favorite things to tattoo she has realism and surrealism in grey scale, fine line with whip
shading and geometry. Outside of the tattoo shop she loves hanging out with french bulldogs, kick boxing, pole dancing and big grand adventures. 


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