You have one week to come to Liquid AMber Tattoo at 62 Powell Street, and pick up your tickets for the Liquid Amber Tattoo 10 Year Anniversary Party.  $8 get's you a ticket so don't procrastinate!

We are pleased to announce a collection of incredibly talented, sassy and ear pleasing entertainment for your eyes and ears...

Sister SaysRazzel Tassel Tease BurlesqueLow Spin

We are also pleased to announce DOOR PRIZES from these fantastic local businesses:

The Lamplighter - HUGE gift certificate. Guaranteed to take care of you ALL NIGHT LONG!

Planet Claire - merch

Kimprints - a print by Alex Cherry

Stussy - merch

Milano Boutique Coffee Roasters - gift certificates

Devil May Wear - gift certificate

The Chop Shop - women's hair cut & men's hair cut

Low Spin - free shirt / CD

Spectral Theatre - 2 tickets to a "Late night Double Feature, Live Theatre for the Living Dead"

Ironhead Clothing - merch

Razzel Tassel Tease - merch

The Charles Bar - Gift Certificate

Man Up Event - Tickets

See you there!!

FYI: the tattoo shop will be closed on Saturday the 25th due to hang-overs :)