Why We Get Tattoos 1.5 : Healing the past.

Welcome to “Why We Get Tattoos”, an ongoing blog series outlining the many reasons behind the want and need of getting tattooed. 

The following blog post is the story of an individual with a powerful message about how a tattoo became a way to heal from an abusive past. We would like to thank "L.G", one of Liquid Amber's clients, for sharing this story with us and respect her wish to remain anonymous due to the personal nature of the article.  

L.G. has had a scar on her inner thigh for over two years now.  It has taken her that time to heal both emotionally and physically as the scar was the result of an abusive relationship.  L.G. dated a man who "cut into me to make me his", as she puts it.  

The scar was a constant reminder of a past L.G. was working on overcoming. “Looking down at it, (the scar) I realized I am now old enough to get a tattoo to cover it.” Which was something L.G. was now ready to do. Getting a cover up would be a way for her to regain ownership over her body, which had for too long been abused by someone else.

The issue she is now faced with is what tattoo to get? The tattoo needs to reflect positivity... “I don't want to look down and think of the fact I was his; I want to look down and feel good. It's something I'm still thinking about and I have no idea what I'm going to get. I understand that my memories make me who I am but I don't want a symbol of someone else's ownership over me on my leg, I want something happy. “

For those people who get tattoos to cover scars, it isn’t just about changing their image, it’s about reclaiming their body. See: Changing the Story: Tattooing Over Scars.

The artist at Liquid Amber that L.G. is working with will sit down and listen to her needs before working on a design that reflects her vision. This process can be quick or take months.  It’s important to not rush the process because for L.G... “if you want to make a memory less painful you need the image you tattoo over it to be something special and positive or that memory will still be etched into your skin.”

Story contributed by - Anonymous

Editors - Luvia Petersen & Genevieve Clements

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