STOP UBC Animal Research

Over the next few months, Liquid Amber will be hosting a Dollar Drive for STOP at our front desk. Come by the shop and help us make a difference!

Here's a small example of what's going on at UBC;

VANCOUVER, BC –  Stop UBC Animal Research urged the BCSPCA to use its authority to immediately seize 14 macaque monkeys currently used in cruel experiments at the University of British Columbia (UBC). STOP called on the BCSPCA to intervene after discovering that four of 18 monkeys used in brain research at UBC had been killed because the animals had been so severely disabled by the experiments. In a letter to the BCSPCA, Stop UBC Animal Research said it was so concerned about the remaining 14 monkeys that the BCSPCA needed to act swiftly to help the animals.

For more information about STOP UBC Animal Research campaign and to learn about how you can help, visit